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Chicago 313 – Private Alarm Contractor


Chicago  313  Private Alarm Contractor

  1. Click “Apply” below to begin the application process.
  2. Fill out and print the “Initial Trade License Application Form”.
  3. Submit a letter in writing requesting licensure/registration from the City of Chicago.
  4. Include the following forms of identification.
    • Your personal State of Illinois license
    • Your Company’s State of Illinois licensure
  5. Submit any additional proof that your company is authorized to do business in the State of Illinois.

The notarized form, and supplemental materials must be mailed to:
CTS/City of Chicago
Trade Licensing
P.O. Box 388249
Chicago, Illinois 60638-8249

Application Fees: There is NO FEE Required

Fee Amount Comments

Exam Contact:

Name:  Olivia Porras
 Email Us
Phone:  (800) 359-1313
Ext:  103