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Chicago 310 – Elevator Mechanic Contractor


Chicago  310  Elevator Mechanic Contractor

As of June 1, 2022, all new applications and renewals for elevator mechanic contractor licenses must be submitted through the City of Chicago’s Inspections, Permits, and Licensing web portal.

An overview of the elevator mechanic contractor license is available on the City of Chicago Department of Buildings web site.

New Applicants

To apply, an employee or owner of the company that is applying for the license must create an online account and then request that his or her account be associated with a company. You may need to request that a new company account be created. Make sure that you provide the full legal name of the company when requesting that a new company be created.

After the company account is associated with your individual account, you may use your individual account to apply for the contractor license.

All fees must be paid through the web portal.

Renewing An Existing License

If you have an existing license, please create an online account and request that you be associated with the company that holds the license.

To access your renewal information, please enter: BEVC plus the numeric portion only of your current license

All renewals must be submitted and paid for through the web portal. Renewals will not be accepted by mail or over the phone.

Exam Information

No examination is required for a elevator mechanic contractor license.


Exam Contact:

Name: Olivia Porras
 Email Us
Phone:  (800) 359-1313
Ext:  103


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